Where We Are

Best position to appreciate the beauties of the Como Lake together with this charming, quiet landscape full of little lakes, mountains and jewels of ancient art…

The lake is just 1 km from the historical centre of Canzo, 5 km from Erba, 15 km from Como and Lecco, 25 km from Bellagio.

It is 45 km from Milan ( Ss 36 Monza / Lecco ).

The Segrino Lake is in the middle of the Triangolo Lariano between the city of Como, Lecco and Bellagio.

The nearest railway stations are in Erba and Canzo
(1 hour from Milan on the Milano / Asso line).

Buses to Como and Lecco.

The Airports of Milano Linate, Milano Malpensa and Orio al Serio are the closest.

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